Types of Traditional Marketing Strategy

There are many types of traditional marketing today in the world. To mention a few;

Word of Mouth:

This is definitely the oldest, easiest and cheapest means of marketing. This has to do with engaging in personal, one-on-one conversations with people, telling them about your product and why they need it. For example, if you are a home remodeling contractor or even more specific a kitchen remodeling contractor, your business will grow as people speak about it.

Cause Marketing:

This is the type of marketing that has to do with the cooperation of two business organizations for the sake of mutual benefits. In this scenario, one is a non-profit business organization while the other is a for-profit business organization.

Diversity Marketing:

This is the type of strategy that falls down to the belief that a market is a place filled with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, opinions, their own belief and different ways of seeing life.

Relationship Marketing:

This is the type of marketing strategy will help that has to do with the creation of strong bonds with the customers. This is much more than short term goals of achieving individual sales. This has to do with the emotional bond with them.

Internet Marketing:

This is the fastest way possible to promote your business all over the world. As the name implies, it is marketing and advertising done via the Internet (i.e. digital marketing west palm beach). This is the strategy we’ll base our study on.